The only time we don’t speak…

Great fucking movie. Period.

Yes, I am a proud owner of all the seasons and yes, I’ve seen every sex and the city episode from start to finish and I just came back from watching the movie and I loved it. Adding it to the top list of Romance films.

Not something you’d expect me to be into huh? Deep down I love…stuff about love. Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris to Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big.

I think this was a great follow up to an already great series. They had the fashion game on smash too. Good-Fn-Job!

Disclaimer: I’m not the only dude I know thats into Sex and The City, it’s a great show. I’m not a Super Macho dude who has to prove I’m more macho than the next dude (which if you think about it is pretty homosexual in itself), I’m very secure with my sexual orientation and while plenty of homosexual dudes watched the movie, I am not one of them lol. That show gives you a great insight into how women take things relationship wise and the way I always looked at it was that it was a great window into the female psyche from a guys perspective since dudes rarely get to see what women and their friends think about the shit dudes do. I grew up in a house full of women and have been around women all my life til this day so I understand them pretty well, I enjoyed the series a lot and same with the movie…and I am the straightest person evarrrr. lol.


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