What a Night!?

Damn tell me how Twitter gets on the News asap!

I have just finished following a Slow Speed Car chace and the car was no other than a Bentley in LA!
After the chace was done and over with there was a Stand-Off and then….. DEAD!

well you get the point… Myself and the millions on Twitter got recognized by the news team and all LOL
myself and others were blogging the whole thing from the very beginning.
Also at first people speculated Chris Brown was the driver of the vehicle but it turned out to be someone who looks just like DJ KHALED and we still dont know if its him or not…. The dude killed himself. CRAZZZYNESS!

Hit the Jump for more…. 12878726874103742533m7tdu


Here is the link to the video where they take the body: http://www.zshare.net/video/553832414008b3f5/


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