Jaylib (Jay Dee x Madlib) Live in 2004


I wanted to get a few more Dilla related things up. Not that I’m only allowed to post Dilla shit today alone, but it makes sense [right?]. Here’s some vintage audio that was recorded at the Henry Fonda Theater on April 4, 2004; the first night of the Madvillain/Jaylib tour for Madvillainy. Madlib & J. Rocc had already performed Jaylib songs together at this point, but it was the first time Dilla would join them on stage as he recently moved to Los Angeles and joined the tour [w/o being announced on the flyers]. As you can hear, it was quite the surprise. Same goes for another unannounced guest… Common. Shouts to B+ & Melo D for recording this set and shouts to Stones Throw for liberating it on this special day. ST also has some pictures from the show, so head over there to check them out.

DOWNLOAD: Jaylib Live in 2004


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