Joe Budden Interview w/ Jessie Maguire

Among other things, he also says that his next album will have better production.

Maguire: You’ve done a hell of a lot of interviews, every time I go online there’s a new Joe Budden interview.
Budden: Yeah but they’re wack interviews though.

Maguire: That’s a very good transition to my next question, is there any question that you have a great answer to but never get asked?
Budden: I just feel like any interview/journalist should be like the artist. I can’t keep making the same song.. Interviewers shouldn’t ask me questions every other interviewer has asked me.. A lot of times my best interviews have nothing to do with music.. A lot of these guys get on the phone “JoeBuddenTV, did you expect it to be the way it is” did you expect your girlfriend”” C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. There should be a next button.. “Slaughterhouse, when can we expect the Slaughterhouse album?” How about “How does it feel to be a recovering addict who hasn’t drinked or smoked in 13 years? How does it feel working with Royce who drinks 24/7 and keeps a bottle of Patron with him at all times?” That would be a good question. “Oh it feels great”Laughs

Part 2 (with a NR shout) after the jump.

“I’m an internet junkie, I check every single site. I love NahRight, I love 2dopeboyz. But I check every single site.. Anything that has my name, I have to see who’s bashing me or not. [You google yourself?] I myself.”


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