Jay-Z & Nas to Diss Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent?

That’s what Beans is alluding to during an interview with DJ On & On atleast. TheEmpire State of Mind (rmx)...

Beanie Sigel’s childhood + relationship with his father. His first appearance on the Roots record back in the day. How he almost didn’t get his Roc-A-Fella deal because he was supposed to go to a dog fight. Answering prison letters. And of course.. the 50 Cent x Jay-Z x Beanie Sigel beef round up. Beanie saying Jay-Z turned his back on the hood..  Calls out his materialistic status.. Says Jay-Z was firing shots at him on Blueprint 3.. Says Jay-Z stole some his ideas/ concepts for American Gangster.. Says Jay-Z is trying to bring Nas into the beef with him + 50 … also talks about his current situation with 50 Cent.

DOWNLOAD: Beanie Sigel – Launchpad Interview


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