Jay Electronica – Exhibit C [Better Quality Rip]

While we all wait for a the CDQ version of this cut, a clean cut of the radio rip…

1. I edited out all the scratches throughout the song.
2. Edited out the long unnecessary beginning of the song.
3. EQ’d the song a little better to brighten it up more.
4. Boosted high frequencies between 12k and 20k.
5. Also boosted lower frequencies a tad around 75-80hz.
6. Also balanced the left side and the right side as the right was a bit louder than the left.
7. Applied some compression to make it a little louder.
8. Added a brickwall limiter to keep song from clipping and distorting.


DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C [Better Quality Rip]Mediafire


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